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Thread: Receive mail from external "drop box"

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    Default Receive mail from external "drop box" [Solved]

    I installed ZCS free edition on SLES and want to get mail from an external "drop box" at my ISP. I created an external account on my Admin account, but it does not collect the mail. Is this the correct way to collect the mail or how do I set it up?

    I am not sure what diagnostics to send. zmprov polling output:

    zimbra@arkmail:~> zmprov gc default | grep Polling
    zimbraDataSourceCalendarPollingInterval: 12h
    zimbraDataSourceMinPollingInterval: 1m
    zimbraDataSourceRssPollingInterval: 12h
    zimbraFeatureMailPollingIntervalPreferenceEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraMailMinPollingInterval: 2m
    zimbraPrefMailPollingInterval: 5m
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