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    Default Zimbra Bind IP

    I am currently installing a recently purchased copy of Zimbra 8.0.3. I am a Zimbra novice, but am fairly familiar with most of the underlying apps.

    We have the requirement in our environment to have all the Zimbra apps bind to a specified IP. In the 8.0 release notes, it mentions this capability should now be available as enhancement related to bug 6111:

    The ability to bind mailbox services to a specific bind address. As part of this enhancement, the following attributes are added to server configuration. When these are set, the specific services bind to these specific addresses. If these are not set, the services binds to all interfaces.


    However, when I try to add the first one via zmprov, I get an object class violation:

    [zimbra@server ~]$ zmprov md zimbraMailBindAddress X.X.X.X
    ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: unable to modify attrs: object class violation - unable to modify attributes: attribute 'zimbraMailBindAddress' not allowed)

    Furthermore, there don't seem to be any attributes even containing BindAddress.

    [zimbra@server ~]$ zmprov md | grep BindAddress
    [zimbra@server ~]$

    What am I doing wrong here? Is this the correct way (if it were working) to bind to a particular address?



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    In case this helps someone else...

    First, I was using md instead of ms. There were also a few additional attributes I needed to set (below). However, smtp, smtps, amavis, and others were still running on all interfaces after this. So I still had to modify postfix config files etc to get everything bound to the desired IP address.

    zmprov ms zimbraMailBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraMailSSLBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraMailSSLClientCertBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraAdminBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraImapBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraImapSSLBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraPop3BindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraPop3SSLBindAddress "<IPAddress>"
    zmprov ms zimbraLmtpBindAddress "<IPAddress>"

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