I've got a user getting a ton of very obvious spam, 300-400 a day. Between RBL's and all my other tricks I've managed to get then number of messages that actually land in the inbox down to under 25, which still isn't good enough. When I look at this these I see that 90% of them *should* be blocked by URIBL, which I raised the score for enough to always mark as spam, but for some reason are not. I don't even see a mention of URIBL in the headers at all. I know it works because there are lots of other spam that is being marked/score correctly by it. Any ideas why this might be the case or how to troubleshoot?

Also, all of my RBLs seem to work fine EXCEPT b.barracuracentral.org. It's not caught a single spam message so far.... I know it works since I can manually check using their test lookup fine. I registered my DNS server IP with them, and I'm running a low volume mail server (~1000 messages a day). Ideas?