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Thread: Users sent emails require manager approval

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    Question Users sent emails require manager approval

    I work in a somewhat unique environment which currently has no email to desktop capability. I am using SLES 11.2 and Zimbra 8.0.3 Open source edition a a pilot project. The managers have always maintained tight control of users communications. The system is setup and working great, however the upper management is reluctant to allow the system unless they can maintain control of user to user communication within the site.

    What they have assigned as a stipulation to the usage of any email system within the company is to either restrict users from emailing each other, or to have their sent emails held until approved from their departmental manager. I would prefer the least restrictive option.

    I'm thinking that users send an email upon which a rule then moves it into a holding folder. Then the manager can review and release back into the system.

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    well i think this isnt really possible in zimbra alone
    maybe dig a bit in the soap documentation if you can actually send an email but keep it on hold and release it later by soap - if this is possible then you can solve it on the server side

    i would go either with a ticket system where such things are possible (so users dont use mail they use the ticket system)
    OR if you just wanna use zimbra maybe theres a way with a smarthost in between

    so zimbra sends to the smarthost - this one delays and wait for aproval
    however i never heard of a out of the box ready solution for this

    ive elase heard about an exachnge solution for things like that, but none so far i heard of really bullet proof.

    so my idea would be simple - let zimbra send all mails out to an host in the middle - trick a bit so postfix is sending to one emailadress in the middle
    now we have one postfix adress holding all mails comming from zimbra

    now we have to code a little - not that much - a simple webinterface where you can review, reject or aprove
    of course you have todo that things custom

    btw i never really heard of a real solution for this, only some wierd plugins but none really email based solution
    only workflow software can do this like i said ticket systems, some CRMS, and so on - but a simple mail solution usually dont have a real workflow management
    hell zimbra dont even have real permissions for shares

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