I successfully installed Zimbra 8.0.3 Open Source just to test its features for my company. Everything works great except for the import from a .pst file.

In my test environment I have a few mailbox @testdomain.com.

First test: I've tried to import a .pst file (Outlook.pst generated in Outlook 2010) with the ZimbraMigration tool available in the Administration Console. Everything looked perfect and working but at the end of the wizard, checking in the web UI of the mailbox, there were no message in folders. Inbox, Sent, etc were empty but using "search" I was able to find all imported messages. It looks like the tool correctly upload the emails but not in the right mailbox folder.

Second test: pst with a lot of subfolders inside and calendar with a few appointments. Migration tool worked without apparent errors. Checking the web UI, NO mail in Inbox or Sent, just 3 folders from the .pst were created (draft, Notes and Junk) and correctly filled with messages and the calendar has been correctly imported with tasks inside. Also in this case, if I search for the other emails, I'm able to find 'em through the search function.

Third test: .pst coming from Office 2007. Same as the other test. Not working. Messages were there with "search" but not in folder tree.

Am I missing something? I tried to find a solution in the wiki or in forums but with no luck.