After we upgraded from 7.2.3 to 8.0.3 we've been noticing some issues with the Advanced client when using Firefox 20.0.1 or Internet Explorer 9 & Conversation View. At first I thought it was the AdBlock Plus addon in Firefox, but these issues persist after disabling/removing it.

  1. Clicking the delete button in an opened email works sporadically. Sometimes it will delete, other times absolutely nothing. Clicking delete from the Inbox window works normally.
  2. New email items will refresh in the Inbox folder (on the left), but will not appear in the list unless refreshed manually (by clicking "Inbox").
  3. Opening an email in Conversation View will sometimes list the "From:" field as "Unknown" which in turn breaks the functionality of the Reply button.
  4. Reply and Reply All sporadically erases all message content and leaves only the reply header.