My Version Zimbra 7.1.1_GA_3196.FOSS

1) Where it is possible to correct a template of preventions of limit achievement?

this templates

From: Postmaster <postmaster@${RECIPIENT_DOMAIN}>${NEWLINE}To: ${RECIPIENT_NAME} <${RECIPIENT_ADDRESS}>${NEWLINE}Subject: Quota warning${NEWLINE}Date: ${DATE}${NEWLINE}Content-Type: text/plain${NEWLINE}${NEWLINE}Your mailbox size has reached ${MBOX_SIZE_MB}MB, which is over ${WARN_PERCENT}% of your ${QUOTA_MB}MB quota.${NEWLINE}Please delete some messages to avoid exceeding your quota.${NEWLINE}
I want to change only the text of the message for all users

2) Whether exists Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook for this version?