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    i need help on adding new zimbra proxy server to my exist environment :

    zimbra mail server in LAN EG:
    zimbra proxy server in DMZ EG:

    i have 1 server zimbra 8 OSE install on centos 6.4 in hyper-v VM

    i have couple of question :

    1. what are the recommended hardware for running 55-60 mailbox(webclient & iphone imap client) on a server? -----. my current HW is 4 GB RAM and 4 vcore
    2. is it good to run this mail server on hyper-v ?
    3. what are the steps i need to take of adding new proxy server to my exist environment.

    i try added the server Using Guide I found online But the services (memcached sysstat proxy) of the proxy didnt work .

    thank by advance 4 the helpers
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