Our organization made the choice of zimbra recently. To migrate our users who are currently hosted on Google Apps we use an ics export to migrate calendars. For some users we are unable to import ics. Import tool on web client says : Critical - A parsing error has occurred. (In French : Crtitique une erreur de traitement s'est produite). This same ics used as import file for an other user on the same platform works without any problem. If I look on logs when system crashes on import (mailbox.log) the systems says there is a parse error. For the other user for whom the import works there is no message. What can be the problem ?
My observations let me think problem is attached to user context. I tryed to identify where the problem comes from. Users for whom import dosent work use mobiles access. I have deleted mobiles phone from contect and re-tried import : not better. Users are active users which have multiple calendar shares. I have deleted shares : not better. I tried to compare result of zmprov ga userImportOk@domain and zmprov ga userImportNotOk@domain in the multitude of parameters not found significant difference.

Is there someone who has any similar experience ?

Any help would appreciated.