Hi there,

I'm having a new issue with my read receipts being deleted automatically by the server. Here's the setup:
Outlook 2007 - Zimba Connector for Outlook
A shared user mailbox for Customer Service reps to share (parts@mydomain.com) - the folders are shared out to multiple users and opened up as "Open Other User's Mailbox" in Outlook so that they can see the mail. Personas were setup for them as well to allow the users to send as the parts@mydomain.com address, allowing them to actually send as parts instead of sending on behalf of parts (a big difference when it comes to perception - most people delete the 'on behalf of' messages as spam automatically).
Functionality with reading and sending mail is great - we can read the mail that go into the mailbox from any linked Outlook client, and we can send out properly as the Parts persona.
The problem is tracking - we use this same address to send out orders to our third-party distribution warehouse, and we use Read Receipts as a tracking item. We send an order down, with the order number in the subject - near the end of the day we compare our sent orders with the ones we received a read receipt for, and if any are missing, it gives us time to contact our warehouse and have the order seen. This also works great, except.. the read receipts disappear after approximately 2 minutes.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, every single read receipt that goes to that mailbox does the same thing - shows up fine, sits for 2 minutes, and then disappears. It doesn't go to trash, or junk, it just disappears. I see logging that it was delivered to my mailbox, but that's it - no moving to another folder, just gone.

Other messages to this account are fine. Other accounts on the server are fine. Any read receipts, regardless of sender or recipient or method of sending, gets deleted. I've tried sending mail directly from the web interface, rather than outlook persona, and it still happens.
Out of desperation, I deleted and recreated the account - and the problem still exists!

I'm at my wit's end. I think I covered the basics, but I'm willing to try a lot. We really do want this functionality to work, it's important that we can trace these messages internally before contacting our third-party people.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
Bill Lee