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Thread: Packages missing from ZIMBRA UTILITIES DOWNLOADS

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    Default Packages missing from ZIMBRA UTILITIES DOWNLOADS

    Hi all,

    Last night we finished our upgrade to 8.0.3 from 7.2.3 on CentOS6_64.

    All seemed to go perfectly except that now in the Admin GUI under TOOLS AND MIGRATION > DOWNLOADS, I only see a few migration tools. No download links for the Zimbra Connector for Outlook.

    I've reinstalled my license thinking that somewhere along the line the installer thought I was an Open Source user (I've never once been an open source zimbra admin...never installed it) but that didn't help. zmlicense -c returns:


    ...and http://server/zimbra/downloads/index.html has download links to the software, so I know it's there. It's just for some reason the server doesn't want to show it to me through the admin GUI.

    Any ideas?


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    I'll move this to the correct forum as it's not a question about Installing Zimbra (which is where you posted).

    I'd suggest you check to see if all the Admin Zimlets are installed and deployed correctly, post a list of them (or search the forums) if you don't know what they should be.


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