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Thread: Move archive mailboxs to a dedicated disk

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    Default Move archive mailboxs to a dedicated disk

    Dear forum

    We have a Zimbra server network addition 7.2.0 .

    I have notices our archive mailboxes have become very big . is there a way to move the archive mailboxes to a different location (hard drive) ?



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    Not sure how Network Edition backups work but you could always mount a drive and its partition to the directory where backups are going. If zimbra won't let you choose the directory. I have a hard drive mounted in /opt so my whole installation is on a separate drive.

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    HSM or another server.

    I have a separate server for my archive mailboxes. I limit the servers available for normal and archive mailboxes.
    * is main email server with all the normal mailboxes on it
    * is archive email server with all the archive mailboxes on it.

    Originally everything was all on and when I created I did a bunch of CLI mailbox migrations to get them all moved over.
    The default COS for my email domain limits accounts to server.
    The default COS for email domain limits accounts to server.
    This ensures that accounts are created on the right server by default.
    If you make use of the 'default' COS then you will NEED to check the servers available every time you update zimbra as it changes the available servers.

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