I've been digging through the forums and wiki looking for a solution that fits exactly what we need. I just need a shove in the right direction.

We have 1 Zimbra Server (Network Edition v6). The mail store has grown to almost 2TB. I am looking for a way to archive my users email to a offline location. I know HSM can move the mail to a different mail store. I'm looking to move it to tape, CD, or just a network share that isn't readily available to my users. My goal is to shrink my mail store without losing my users old email. I am looking to copy my email server to a different location and I need to do this with no more than 2 days downtime. With the equipment I have its just not possible to move that kind of data to a local storage device, transport it to my new location, and copy it back in less than 2 days time. The internet connection between my current location and my new location is dismally slow. There must be a way to do this that's just evading me. Thanks in advance for any advice.