I dont get it...I'm currently setting up a Zimbra Mailserver for Shared Mailservices (multiple Maildomains with delegated Admins).

I want to check out the possibility for quotas. I only need a "per Domain quota". So the Maildomain has 1Gb of space and the Domain Admin can then configure the accounts of his domain as he want

In the COS i have:

- zimbraMailquota

then in the Settings of the Domain i have:

- zimbraMailDomainquota
- zimbraDomainAggregatequota

I gues "zimbraMailquota" is just simple Quota per Mailbox. Whats the difference between the two quota settings in the domain? Which one is the total quota of the Mail domain (zimbraMailDomainquota or zimbraDomainAggregatequota)?....