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Thread: Are emails saved on the Zimbra Server

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    Default Are emails saved on the Zimbra Server


    We are using ZCS release 7.2.0 on a CentOS 5.9 machine. I have one user who is using Outlook 2010. He has two email accounts. Each email account has a .pst file and neither one is backed-up by our back-up software most probably due to corruption in the files. Microsoft says that a .pst file "contains your e-mail messages, calendars, contracts, tasks and notes." I believe that Zimbra actually stores all of his emails on the Zimbra Server. Maybe, a copy of each email is stored in the .pst file but the actual email is still stored on the Zimbra Server. Am I correct?

    Also, if this user creates any folder in Outlook and stores emails there, would the emails also be on the Zimbra Server or would they be taken off the Zimbra Server and put into the .pst file?


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    I went into the Zimbra "Admin" tab. Ilooked at the "Features" tab for both email accounts and both the "IMAP access" and the "POP3 access" checkboxes were checked. I also looked at this user's settings in Outlook and both accounts are IMAP. I believe that since IMAP is being used, the messages are actually stored on the Zimbra Server and not in the .pst file on the user's machine? Can anyone confirm if I am correct? Thanks.

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    Hi mrKev,
    if the outlook accounts are imap the emails are stored into the .pst and on the zimbra mail server, since imap does a sync between server and client.

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