Just installed a fresh copy of 8.0.3 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS - with a license file received from Zimbra for 300 Professional level accounts. The administration site seems to be missing several features/options that according to the manual (yes I read the manual) should be there. Here is a brief list of the MIA features/options:

1) License Activation - According to the manual it should be under "Global Settings > License" but this does not exist on my installation.
2) Zimbra Mobile - Again manual states "Configure>Class of Service>Mobile Access page" but it's not there - or any where else for that matter.
3) Archiving - not there
4) ACL - not there

One other quirk I've found - when logged in as a normal user, under the address book I see a Distribution List folder and the users manual speaks of creating and managing lists but the menu item to add a new list is not there.

Running Version 8.0.3_GA_5664.NETWORK Mar 5, 2013

Any ideas and what may be going on?