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Thread: from or send-as field?

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    Default from or send-as field?

    Is there anyway I can have users sending mail as a list they are members of? I have interns who will not be permanent employees and I dont want them added to adress books. They are in aliases based on their role with a sr member of the staff to oversee them.

    I cant find any option for a "from field" or even send on behalf of. Heck I cant even find a reply-to in the message compose window.

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    Default 4.5 Identities feature

    The new "Mail Identities" feature in the 4.5 release allows you to create multiple identities that specify different settings for Reply-To, From, etc. on outgoing mail. Please let us know if that solves your issues!
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    I dont really know. I am using FreeBSD and so am on an older version. I was able to find a few things that helped me out and I thought I had posted them here yesterday.

    This is the second time I could swear i have posted a reply to my own post with some additional information and it has dissapeared.. is this a common thing?

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