The last 30 hours have been interesting... It seems that both disks on my raid started having serious issues at the same time (or the nvidia raid driver went crazy), resulting in data loss. Now I've moved the VM I run zimbra on to brand new disks (and normal linux sw raid) and it starts up fine.

Some things are not working however...
1. The auto-complete fails. Looking in the logs it appears /opt/zimbra/index/0/3/index/0/segments_2ks has been corrupted and disappeared as I get a java.io.FileNotFoundException. Now I wonder, is there any idea in trying to repair this or should I just go to my 4-day old backup and restore that? Users wont be happy about losing 4 days of mails.. My ideas are basically:
a) Can i force zimbra to rebuild the search indexes for autocomplete?
b) Is there any chance I can move in only the damaged indexes from the 4-day old backup or will that be referencing bad data?

2. Searching returns no results. Nothing shows up in the error log. Is this solveable?
a) Can I rebuild the search index?
b) Since I get no error log, I don't know what I could restore from backup..

Any thoughts?