I have a ZCS-8.0.3 multiserver installation with three servers running in a blade center under ubuntu 10.04. The first one is named c.correo and was originally a single server and has MTA, LDAP master, mailbox and logging services installed. But after the upgrade from ZCS 7 to ZCS 8.0.3 it's presenting a poor performance. So I installed a MTA, LDAP replica and logging in other server, b.correo.

I want to remove the MTA service for c.correo and start using the one in b.correo. Is it enough to change the internet MTA configuration in the admin website for c.correo or do I need to do something else? When I try to do it, it appears a message saying that the value is not accepted.

So, how do I chage the MTA server used by a mailbox?

Thanks in advance.