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Thread: Stats Broken, Even on Fresh Install

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    Default Stats Broken, Even on Fresh Install

    Recently my stats and services monitor stopped working. I had checked logs but couldn't ever find anything. After troubleshooting for hours I finally just formatted the server, reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and re downloaded Zimbra 8.0.3 again. Didn't touch anything after Ubuntu server installed, and went to installing Zimbra. Apt-get'd any dependencies that Zimbra needed during install and carried on. Install went smooth but still services and stats were broken. This time though it showed in error in the admin panel.
    Message: system failure: Unable to read logger stats Error code: service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver
    After googling it I noticed that it seem to be a common thing. Tried fixing permissions, regenerating ssh keys, and running zmsyslogsetup. Still nothing. I then just decided to downgrade back to 8.0.0, maybe there was something wrong with 8.0.3? Nope. Still the same problem as before. Tried everything again and still nothing. I swear I've done everything, even threw that server in a DMZ, took down its firewall, reformatting it multiple times, and sacrificed a lamb to the gods. Does anybody have any pointers or ideas on what I should do?
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