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Thread: How to delete e-mail of a specific user

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    Post How to delete e-mail of a specific user

    Can someone please help me, how to delete a specific user's e-mail from all the mail boxes from Zimbra Mail Server? As the e-mail contents are offensive.

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    There is no feature of Zimbra that can do this that I am aware of.

    In order to do this (which may or may or may not be easy on your level of skill in scripting) is:
    - use zmmboxsearch to parse through all accounts (or all which received the message) and find the message ID in question (i.e. zmmailboxsearch -m accountname@domain -q "from:from address to delete mail from"
    - use zmmailbox to delete the message in each account (i.e. zmmailbox -z -m username@domain deletemessage "message ID"
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