I'm using two OSE servers (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Zimbra 8.0.3 GA for all). They are fully independents (no ldap links or whatever). Each one is hosting its own domains. I wish to move the two domains of the smallest server to the other server (better hardware, better backup, and so) and use only one server.
From what I understand on the forum I can use
zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com getRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > /tmp/user@domain.com.tgz
on each mailboxes (only ten or so) on the to-be-removed server, then create domains and mailboxes on the to-be-kept server, then
zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com postRestURL "//?fmt=tgz&resolve=reset" /tmp/user@domain.com.tgz
for each backuped files.

Is is fine ? Or is it better to create domain/mailboxes on the to-be-kept server, then use an imapsync between the two servers ?

Some users are using IMAP, so their mails and sometimes address books are on the to-be-removed server. They're not using others functionalities (calendar, and so)
(I don't speak of MX moving, fqdn and so, this part is ok).

Thks a lot for your help,