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Thread: after migration 7 to 8 unable to open spreadsheet

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    Default after migration 7 to 8 unable to open spreadsheet

    I have migrated from 7.2.3 CentOS5 to CentOS 6.4 8.0.3 and all went very well.
    The only issue is following:

    => I can't open spreadsheets created into zimbra (not the uploaded ones).

    I got a blank page.
    What I miss? I have read Zimbra 8 Release notes but I have not found anything related.
    I have mailed it as an attach and saved the attached file, it is an xml file.
    Can I convert it to Libreoffice format?

    thnx for help

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    Has anybody found a "direct" (or at least scriptable) solution to convert Spreadsheets before upgrading to zimbra8?

    No valid options mentioned in Bugzilla #78090.
    Federico Bertola
    CTO @ StudioStorti

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