Hi Ya,

Sorry if I double up, I couldn't find excatly what I'm after in the forums.

I'm building a migration plan from Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Zimbra 7.1.2 to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Zimbra 8.0.3. I've got both servers up and operational and are just running through the best way to get users across with least interruption.

First server old.domain.com
Second Server new.domain.com

We have about 20 Domains on the first server. ideally I'd like to migrate domain by domain thus reducing support for updated configurations.

The migration Wizard looks like the tool but I have a few questions.

1. Can I restrict the accounts migrated to just one domain? (i.e. domain at a time)
2. Will existing accounts (the lucky few early adopters) be affected on the new server.
3. Does everything come across, Calendar, Contacts, Briefcase, Shares (important!)

Process for me.

0. Notify customers of webportal, settings and default passwords for access, organise migration time.
1. Upgrade old.server to 7.2 (for migration compatibility)
2. Run Migration wizard on new server (accounts only)
3. Point DNS to new server
4. Await MX updates to new server
5. Run Migration wizard on new server to bring old account data across
6. Deal with customer client config issues
7. Goto 0 for the next domain.

Anyways, appreciate any answers from those lucky ones who got it right or lost a few hours sleep on their own migrations! :-)