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Thread: Zimbra 8 - EAGER mode should configure zimbraAutoProvListenerClass

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    Question Zimbra 8 - EAGER mode should configure zimbraAutoProvListenerClass


    I'm trying to configure Auto Provisioning mode EAGER to AD. When I ran the AutoProv the first time, it has been created all the users of the AD to Zimbra, but after this, I can't synchronize the new accounts or deleted.

    I know about the post in this forum. It's the same problem, but I found in my log this:

    2013-05-10 09:52:14,283 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Auto provisioning accounts on domain
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,337 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - 2 external LDAP entries returned as search result
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,337 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto creating account in EAGER mode:, dn="CN=breno sobral,CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local"
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,344 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto creating account in EAGER mode:, dn="CN=Teste U. Email,CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local"
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,350 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto provisioned account:
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,351 WARN [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - EAGER mode should configure EAGER mode should configure zimbraAutoProvListenerClass
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,351 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Auto Provisioning has finished for now, setting last polled timestamp: 20130510125214Z
    2013-05-10 09:52:14,355 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Sleeping for 60000 milliseconds.

    I read about the description about this zimbraAutoProvListenerClass attribute, but I can't understand this attribute very well. So, I really want to know how I set this attribute in my configuration.

    My configuration of Auto Provisioning:

    zimbra@zimbrasrv:~$ zmprov gd |grep AutoProv
    zimbraAutoProvAccountNameMap: sAMAccountName
    zimbraAutoProvBatchSize: 20
    zimbraAutoProvLastPolledTimestamp: 20130516132032Z
    zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindDn: cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=techlead,dc=local
    zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindPassword: xxxxxx
    zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchBase: CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local
    zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchFilter: (&(objectClass=user)( )
    zimbraAutoProvLdapStartTlsEnabled: FALSE
    zimbraAutoProvLdapURL: ldap://serverds.techlead.local:389
    zimbraAutoProvMode: EAGER
    zimbraAutoProvNotificationBody: Your account has been auto provisioned. Your email address is ${ACCOUNT_ADDRESS}.
    zimbraAutoProvNotificationSubject: New account auto provisioned

    zimbra@zimbrasrv:~$ zmprov gs |grep AutoProv
    zimbraAutoProvPollingInterval: 1m


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    It may also be the value in zimbraAutoProvLastPolledTimestamp is formatted badly for Active Directory. See Bug 82789 – zimbraAutoProvLastPolledTimestamp format breaks EAGER Auto-Provisioning LDAP Filter when using Active Directory. This will probably explain they no new accounts are being found to create. If you would like this bug to be fixed soon, please vote for it on the bug report page linked above.

    Even with this fixed however, the zimbraAutoProvListenerClass is essential to stop your Zimbra server continuously trying to auto-provision the same accounts forever. Now I go back to university to develop the class, for a product I'm paying ~$80k support for... >:-|
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