I'm trying to configure Auto Provisioning mode EAGER to AD. When I ran the AutoProv the first time, it has been created all the users of the AD to Zimbra, but after this, I can't synchronize the new accounts or deleted.

I know about the post http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...-properly.html in this forum. It's the same problem, but I found in my log this:

2013-05-10 09:52:14,283 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Auto provisioning accounts on domain zimbrateste.com.br
2013-05-10 09:52:14,337 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - 2 external LDAP entries returned as search result
2013-05-10 09:52:14,337 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto creating account in EAGER mode: breno.sobral@zimbrateste.com.br, dn="CN=breno sobral,CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local"
2013-05-10 09:52:14,344 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto creating account in EAGER mode: teste.email@zimbrateste.com.br, dn="CN=Teste U. Email,CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local"
2013-05-10 09:52:14,350 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - auto provisioned account: teste.email@zimbrateste.com.br
2013-05-10 09:52:14,351 WARN [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - EAGER mode should configure EAGER mode should configure zimbraAutoProvListenerClass
2013-05-10 09:52:14,351 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Auto Provisioning has finished for now, setting last polled timestamp: 20130510125214Z
2013-05-10 09:52:14,355 INFO [AutoProvision] [] autoprov - Sleeping for 60000 milliseconds.

I read about the description about this zimbraAutoProvListenerClass attribute, but I can't understand this attribute very well. So, I really want to know how I set this attribute in my configuration.

My configuration of Auto Provisioning:

zimbra@zimbrasrv:~$ zmprov gd zimbrateste.com.br |grep AutoProv
zimbraAutoProvAccountNameMap: sAMAccountName
zimbraAutoProvBatchSize: 20
zimbraAutoProvLastPolledTimestamp: 20130516132032Z
zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindDn: cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=techlead,dc=local
zimbraAutoProvLdapAdminBindPassword: xxxxxx
zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchBase: CN=Users,DC=techlead,DC=local
zimbraAutoProvLdapSearchFilter: (&(objectClass=user)(mail=%u@zimbrateste.com.br) )
zimbraAutoProvLdapStartTlsEnabled: FALSE
zimbraAutoProvLdapURL: ldap://serverds.techlead.local:389
zimbraAutoProvMode: EAGER
zimbraAutoProvNotificationBody: Your account has been auto provisioned. Your email address is ${ACCOUNT_ADDRESS}.
zimbraAutoProvNotificationSubject: New account auto provisioned

zimbra@zimbrasrv:~$ zmprov gs zimbrasrv.zimbrateste.com.br |grep AutoProv
zimbraAutoProvPollingInterval: 1m
zimbraAutoProvScheduledDomains: zimbrateste.com.br