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Thread: Amavis Slow to a Crawl

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    Default Amavis Slow to a Crawl

    Hi Everyone

    I am running Zimbra Open Source I4.0.5 on a machine (RedHat) with;

    2 Dual Core CPU at 3.00GHZ
    2GB RAM
    400 EMAIL accounts

    Zimbra seems to work fast most of the time... yet every half an hour or so Amavis slows down to a crawl... The logs says it working, but i can see its slow: If I telnet to port 10024 it might take about 2 minutes to connect.

    The machine seems to be able to handle the load quite ok, according to TOP i still have free RAM and enough idle time with the CPUs.

    The only thing that I have been able to do to make it work is restarting zimbra.

    Any suggestions on how to figure out whats wrong or how to increase the performance of amavis?

    Thank you all

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    Just a suggestion: DNS lookup timeouts?

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    Default Fixed

    It turned out to be tomcat which was really slow. The logs didnt show no errors and it was quite difficult figure out the problem, at least for me.

    In the end it was a matter of upgrading the kernel. Once I did that zimbra behaved perfectly.

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