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Thread: Stuck with Sync Zimbra live !!!

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    Default Stuck with Sync Zimbra live !!!

    Hi, I'm a newbie, I just try to testing Zimbra 8 some weeks ago, and now I want to setup for my small company Zimbra mail server, all ok but when I tried to setup Server Live Zimbra, I stuck in step "First rsync between server" when I tried to "rsync -aHz --force --delete live_server:/opt/zimbra/ /opt/zimbra/" & enter password for root live server, it's just...standby so long time half and hours with nothing happen

    I don't know what wrong and what should I do, hope someone can help me. Thanks so much

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    Hi TommySmih,

    Welcome to Zimbra.

    Can you tell me what is the size of data you are trying to transfer .Also check the connectivity between servers.Are you able to ssh to the live server from standby server?

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    Hi Raunaq,

    Thanks for your rely

    I can ssh between live and standby server, I also using the update live sync script too. Actually, I'm quite a newbie, so I just do step by step exactly in guide, I created with IP A and with IP B, both vps I build same Hardware, same OS Ubuntu server 12.04, same Zimbra 8, and I created in each Zimbra 2 account, testing sending and receive some mail, add some note in Calendar and start work with that guide to hope both zimbra can sync when I shutdown one of them, but stuck in "First rsync between server" like you know.

    Hope you can help me, thanks you so much

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