I setup my ZCS server in my house. I'm now looking to move it offsite and I'm trying to setup a server that will be able to handle the storage space. Currently I'm running Zimbra through ESXi. I logged into my server with vSphere to try and see what the VM is using and it says that it is using 203.3GB. I find this really hard to believe. I have about 25 accounts setup in the server (including all the system generated accounts). Of that there are about 5 or 6 accounts that are used heavily. My personal account is by far the heaviest usage and I forward all of my mail to another service as an archiving system. That system shows me at about 7 GB for my account. So if I was to estimate for all 5 accounts I should be about 50GB max.

I think that maybe I'm either reading the wrong like or maybe I have downloaded some ISO's or something and saved them in the VM. I would like to know how I can check how much disk space is being used by just Zimbra.