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Thread: Download & Delete from an Account daily, then make it readable to Thunderb*rd

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    Default Download & Delete from an Account daily, then make it readable to Thunderb*rd

    Hi guys

    please help me ...
    i have a Zimbra email server running with this backup script
    this email server have transaction about 5000 email/day.

    i have one special email account ( for backup purpose, all ingoing and outgoing email always auto forward into this email account.
    then i have one linux box, installed with Thunderb*rd to download & delete from server all email from and archive it daily into separated daily folder. (for decrease the size of backup file)
    Now 1 backup file already got 32GB (compress to tar file). And Thunderb*rd seems got it's limitation (can not download email again, it always said "full") .

    My question:
    Can i download & delete all email from account (daily), then make this download readable to email client like Thunderb*rd/Kma*l (for the purpose of recover deleted email or for "my boss purpose" or some kind like that) with some "command line / script" ?

    so the result is:
    1. downloaded email from got daily name like example: "YYYYMMDD" 20130517 for May 17 2013.
    2. always empty everyday after downloaded.
    3. if got something to restore or see, i can copy this daily backup file into an email client.

    my old email using Qma*l, the backup method for download & delete this only rename the "maildir" into different name two times a week, and copy that file into another computer.

    thanks for any help
    sorry for my english

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    i have found commands:

    zmmailbox -v -z -m getRestURL "/?fmt=tgz" > /tmp/backup.tgz"
    zmmailbox -z -m emptyFolder

    but how to delete only email that already downloaded to backup?
    example: got 1000 email, then this 1000 email downloaded, then got new 50 email when download not finish or still in process (now got 1050 email) then delete with emptyFolder so new 50 email got deleted but do not backup yet

    any advice about this ?


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