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Thread: installing zimbra on ubuntu 12

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    Default installing zimbra on ubuntu 12

    Can someone helps me in installing zimbra on ubuntu 12? I started the installation (did some fixes), the problem now during the installation it keeps on trying to run mysql with no success. I checked mysql server to find it running (ps -ef | grep mysql). I found it trys to run the mysql stored under /opt/z....... so I stoped the running server, but the problem is the same.

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    Take a look in the log files to find out what the error is then search the forums to find an answer. You also need to give more detaild information about what your problem is and some of what sort of hardware (specifications and number of users) including RAM and whether this is a VM and what hypervisor you're using. Also include details of any changesyou've made to the configuration of your ZCS server.


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    i think the detailed installation and step by step by guide available on Zimbra Website

    Zimbra Support - Technical Resources
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