I'm a zimbra newbie. I'm very interesting to implement greylisting and I try to configure cbpolicyd. I followed the instruction on wiki

zmprov ms myservername +zimbraServiceEnabled cbpolicyd
and I enable greylisting
zmlocalconfig -e cbpolicyd_module_greylisting=1
The service start normally but greylisting don't work. In the server configuration I see that Policyd chekbox is disabled (no enabled to checked). I was found on a site this command

zmprov ms myservername +zimbraServiceInstalled cbpolicyd +zimbraServiceEnabled cbpolicyd
The checbox is now enabled, but when I try to check it, there is a strange message regards MTA service

Enabling the MTA service will also enable the MTA related statistics sections for this server. You may need to refresh your browser for these changes to take effect.

When I save and return to configuration, the Policyd checkbox is again not checked. The popup window on the attribute says

Attribute Name _undefined_cbpolicyd

Where I'm wrong ?


P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.