I'm in the process of setting up a new Zimbra 8.0.3 server. I am following the installation documentation and have completed the steps:

1. Installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
2. Installed pre-requisite packages.
3. Removed apache2 and sendmail
4. Ran install script and kept most things as default.

Installation seemed to go find but when it was done mta didn't start. I stopped zmcontrol and then started it again. MTA still not starting.

For some reason postfix isn't starting.

I also noticed that 45G's of disk space was used up in a few minutes. There were two files. One was 45G and the other was 80G. The mdb database through research shows that it really isn't that big but the other one was. I deleted the file and made the changes to a file (I forget with one but it was changing no_io) or something like that.

Anyway... Disk space issue is fixed but how do I debug the postfix issue?