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Thread: not able to save GlobalConfig + LicenceFailures

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    Default not able to save GlobalConfig + LicenceFailures


    i recently installed zimbra to do some testing.
    Now i have 8.0.3 installed, because the non working provisioning mode in 7.X.

    But now i am not able to do any changes in the GlobalConfig? I wanted to change the mailrelay and the path for backup. Every time i click on save there appears a green hook at the top and the text claims that the GlobalConfig is successfully saved, but next time i visit the Configuration the settings are lost.

    could this be related to the license failure?. In the Dashboard after admin login there is a license expiration Failure. When i try to activate the license then i get the Failure:
    Mail: Failed to access Fehlercode: service.LICENSE_ERROR Method: [unknown] Details:soap:Receiver

    How can i get this to work? Please help me, cause im really stuck here.


    zmcontrol -v
    Release 8.0.3_GA_5664.RHEL6_64_20130305090219 RHEL6_64 NETWORK edition.
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