Our management would like to get report in the format where they can see below details ;

Email ID DisplayName Workphone Description LastLogin

I checked through soap as below :

[zimbra@qamail ~]$ zmsoap -z -t account -m user@example.com SearchGalRequest/name=user @type=account @domain=example.com<

SearchGalResponse more="0" xmlns="urn:zimbraAccount">
<cn id="uid=user,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com">
<a n="createTimeStamp">20121220140750Z</a>
<a n="lastName">user</a>
<a n="email">user@example.com</a>
<a n="zimbraId">8bd37f83-8393-402b-b3be-144fd951ab4a</a>
<a n="objectClass">organizationalPerson</a>
<a n="objectClass">zimbraAccount</a>
<a n="objectClass">amavisAccount</a>
<a n="fullName">user</a>
<a n="modifyTimeStamp">20130529084708Z</a>
<a n="workPhone">999999999</a>
<a n="notes">IT Analyst</a>
[zimbra@qamail ~]$

Here I am not sure about syntax I am using for zmsoap..What will be the perfect syntax to get output for all accounts for "email,fullname,modifyTimeStamp,workPhone,note s" attributes through zmsoap ?? I want only these specific attributes value for all accounts..

Please help..

Thanks and Regards