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Thread: Zimbra External LDAP auth

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    Default Zimbra External LDAP auth


    I tried to use Zimbra with authentication to an external LDAP directory with Auto-Provisioning.
    The auto-provisioning (with eager) did work well but it creates only the mailbox.
    It doesn't delete the mailbox if the user has been deleted at the LDAP directory.
    Another problem is if i change the password in zimbra webmail - the password doesn't change in LDAP.

    Is there a solution to synchronize zimbra and ldap?

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    I believe both of these situations are expected. What if a user was deleted in LDAP, and later came back? What if you wanted to keep their email for legal purposes, as they were terminated for illegal activity, etc?
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    If i delete a user in LDAP the zimbra user is not deleted.
    if the user later is created with the same uid the user can login with the new credentials.

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