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Thread: Easy question regarding OPENDKIM configuration.

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    Default Easy question regarding OPENDKIM configuration.

    I'm running 8.0.3 on a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install. I would like to enable opendkim for Zimbra and have found the wiki.

    I'm curious if the that is used within the wiki is for each and every domain that is on the Zimbra server? Or, is the domain for the mail server.

    For example:
    Zimbra Server:
    User domain:
    Another User:
    Yet another one:

    Do I have to configure opendkim ( in the wiki) for each domain:,,
    Do I configure it once with

    Also, where do I put the SPF record?

    Server 1: shared webhosting server
    The DNS for this server is what handles most of a domain's dns requests. The MX records on this server point to Do I create an SPF record for each domain on this shared webhost that will be using Zimbra, or do I just do it on the email/Zimbra server?

    Email server: This domain handles all the incoming and out going emails. So I would think this is where I put the SPF records.
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    DKIM signs for the domains that email are sent from. I.e., "", "" and "" are what would need DKIM keys (and DNS entries).

    DKIM has zero to do with SPF, I suggest you read the wikipedia entry on SPF.

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    The SPF was a separate question. Should have started a second thread. (I have read up on it).

    Thanks for the help.
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