I've read a bunch of forum entries as well as these:

[HowTo] Enabling CBPolicyD in Zimbra 8.0.0 and 8.0.1
Postfix Policyd - Zimbra :: Wiki
How-to for cbpolicyd - Zimbra :: Wiki

Since this is a stand alone MTA, the gui apparently cannot work with it.
How-to for cbpolicyd - Zimbra :: Wiki
has a couple of helpful policies as an example, but the example is not complete. Unless I'm looking right at it and don't see it, it doesn't tell HOW to import the example sql file. "Example sql file, to be imported into "cbpolicyd.sqlitedb" database"

Is there something somewhere to better explain how to add policies to PolicyD?

I haven't found anything on the policyD website, yet, either.