I have just recently sent this new Zimbra 8.0.3 server. I have only ONE domain setup right now so that I can get everything configured the way I want and then I'm going to start migrating accounts to this server.

I would like to configure the opendkim which is bundled with Zimbra 8 so I was following the instructions in the wiki but for some reason when I'm running the dig command there is ANSWER: 0.

I followed this wiki page: http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Configur...h_DKIM_Signing

I added the DKIM info for the domain. Here is the DNS entries I made: DKIM - DNS Entries - Pastebin.com

I assume that these DNS entries should be made in the DNS server that is managing ZIMBRA. Is that correct?? The domain that I am configuring in Zimbra is actually controlled by my sharedhosting server and just the MX record is pointing to the ZIMBRA server. I have added the previously mentioned DNS entries to my records file in bind. I'm useing Webmin to configure BIND so I'm not sure which one was right, so I put them both there. That is the actual records file though.

Could someone please help me get this going?