Hello everyone, got Zimbra Network Edition 8.0.0 running on Ubuntu 12.04 here.

Everything was setup by my boss but he<s gone on vacation and left me no info so i'm kinda scared and i need help

Zimbra is installed on VMware 5.1 ESXI with 2 volume on 2 datastore

the /boot is on datastore 1 and the mailbox, backup etc is on datastore 2.

Datastore 2 got like 100gig left and it's gonna be filled soon, so i need to expand disk 2

Can someone give the detail steps on how to augment my space for backups and mailboxes please on the datastore 2 (i got enough space like 1.8 TB left but boss allocated 500gig for the mailboxes) I would like to add maybe another 500gig to the current installation

PS. I don't wanna format or erase anything

Please help me