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Thread: Add second domain + SSL.

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    Default Add second domain + SSL.

    Sorry for my English
    But I don't understand about multidomain ssl certificates.
    For example I have installed ZCS ( - all works fine with comercial SSL certificate. I can without any problem get & send my mail from Zimbra web and with any mail client help. MX for this domain -

    Now I need add second domain ( - MX I do it from web interface. When log in to web (https:\\ and send or get mail - all right. But if I use mail client for (thunderbird) - it not work.

    I need two (or more) different domains with different comercial SSL. And use for one for second
    I hope you understand me.
    How I can resolve this issue?

    I looked it SSL certificates per domain - Zimbra :: Wiki.
    But If run
    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfig -m -w -e -x both -H `zmhostname`
    I get error:
    Error: proxy mail mode both is invalid when SSL to upstream is enabled
    $ zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep -i mode
    zimbraBackupMode: Standard
    zimbraIPMode: ipv4
    zimbraMailMode: http
    zimbraMailReferMode: wronghost
    zimbraMailSSLClientCertMode: Disabled
    zimbraOpenidConsumerStatelessModeEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraReverseProxyClientCertMode: off
    zimbraReverseProxyImapStartTlsMode: only
    zimbraReverseProxyMailMode: http
    zimbraReverseProxyPop3StartTlsMode: only

    Thanx in advance.
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