Dear Experts,

I want to migrate to Zimbra Mail server open source edition. Actually I have installed it on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in virtual environment..

I want to configure High availability (Though it is not supported in Open Source).

I want to configure event based replication / Schedule replication of all mails/contacts/calendar/ to other zimbra server in case of any disaster.

Can any one guide me how to do this step by step?

1) What is host configuration? (I have 2 Servers Installed)
2) Which open source software we can use for replication?
3) What are the basis steps to be performed on Main Server & Replica Server?
4) Can it be done without knowing passwords of users?
5) Options to select mail boxes to be replicated.(Totally Optional)

Please please please guide me at the earliest.

Thanks in Advance.........................