i'm currently looking for email solution to replace existing email solution and i choose Zimbra Open Source after getting feedback from web.

my existing email server have a function to route all email traffic to specific email account and MailArchiva will collect all email from that account.
note :we purchase MailArchiva EE and it is a must to make it work.

now my problem is i cant fine similar configuration in Zimbra Open Source.

i have tried using Milter server but it doesn't seem like a proper way cause if milter server is not available/down it will cause zimbra stop running.

i also tried sender_bcc & recipient_bcc but only sender_bcc working, somemore i need to enter all 500 user account.
is there a way to set for entire domain? because i do not want to restart postfix everytime create a new user.

any help will be much appreciated.

p/s : sorry for bad english.