/opt/zimbra/redolog/archive is 337GB - as i Understand it old transactions are archived in here, I see files dated back to 2011.

Here are any relevant zimbraRedo* settings:

zimbraRedoLogArchiveDir: redolog/archive
zimbraRedoLogCrashRecoveryLookbackSec: 10
zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover: FALSE
zimbraRedoLogEnabled: TRUE
zimbraRedoLogFsyncIntervalMS: 10
zimbraRedoLogLogPath: redolog/redo.log
zimbraRedoLogRolloverFileSizeKB: 1
zimbraRedoLogRolloverHardMaxFileSizeKB: 4194304
zimbraRedoLogRolloverMinFileAge: 30

I assume based on the setting "zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover: FALSE" that all old redolog's, back to 2011, are in redolog/archive/ - can these simply be deleted?