Hi Everyone.

Managed to deploy Zimbra 8.0.3 on Ubuntu without too many problems. I even managed to configure all 30+ computers with the Outlook connector and setup their profiles without touching a single machine. Group policy and a VB.net app i wrote. (I need to create a routine to get settings from a .ini file then I can share with you all if you want).

Basically one of my remaining problems is that all users are working on the internal network using the Outlook connector. I have 1 user who uses the web interface and 1 user who uses ActiveSync. Everyone else is on Outlook.

Some of the users have weak passwords in AD which is a worry. The company will not employ a strict password policy.

How can i turn off the web interface for everyone expect the required user(s)? Exchange allows you to pick which features users get and i'm hoping Zimbra does the same somehow. I have mobile access turned off by default in the COS and turned it on for the one user, so that's not an issue.

Thanks in advance