Hi all,

I encountered a strange issue since this morning. Zimbra (v 6.0.15) has been installed since 2 years and it worked fine until today!
There's no problem with the web client but when I try to access Zimbra admin, a blank screen is displayed instead of the login form. This issue has been encountered with FireFox 21.0 and others administrators have reported me the same result with Internet Explorer and Chrome

However sometimes after a browser refresh (F5) the login form is displayed well (tested with FireFox).

I used FireBug to understand what's happening. Here is what I saw:
1- When the login form is not displayed, the console displays an error
SyntaxError: missing } in compound statement
[Stopper sur une erreur]


2- When it doesn't work I can see (in the network tab of FireBug) that Admin_All.js is requested and a response is sent (HTTP 200 response) but I'm unable to see this script in the script tab.

3- If this error occurs, the URL "/service/admin/soap/BatchRequest" is not requested and consequently I suppose the login form is not displayed

4- I tried the same test as (2) but with Chrome and its developer tools. When it doesn't work, Chrome complains about the Admin_all.js which failed to be loaded

5- In the response header of Admin_all.js, I found that the transfer-encoding is chunked !

=> So now my conclusion: Chunked transfer-encoding is used for Admin_all.js (chunked is not used for Ajax_all.js, Zimbr_all.js, XForms_all.js). For a unknown reason the transfer stops before the end of the file.

So now the questions:
- Do you think my conclusion is good and if not, any other idea?
- Why Admin_all.js is tranfered using chunked transfert encoding.
- Is there a way to force Zimbra to not use this kind of transfert-encoding?

BTW: here is an old post about a similar issue (older version of Zimbra) http://www.zimbra.com/forums/users/1...-web-ui-5.html

Any other ideas / suggestions / tests are really welcome to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance