My domain is authenticating trough Active Directory. I made setup of GAL trough admin console wizard. It is working fine, but I am trying to understand it better to solve other problem (I will certainly post about it later).

If I send this command in command line:

zmprov gds galsync.hljsodzchx@mydomain.com

I get only internal datasource listed, but I definitely have external datasource connected, because client can search Active directory
trough GAL search in webmail.

This is how it looks:

[zimbra@ztest ~]$ zmprov gds galsync.hljsodzchx@mydomain.com
# name InternalGAL
# type gal
objectClass: zimbraDataSource
objectClass: zimbraGalDataSource
zimbraCreateTimestamp: 20120917105729Z
zimbraDataSourceEnabled: TRUE
zimbraDataSourceFolderId: 257
zimbraDataSourceId: 3259bd65-48cc-4965-aac8-4fa050759061
zimbraDataSourceName: InternalGAL
zimbraDataSourceType: gal
zimbraGalStatus: enabled
zimbraGalType: zimbra