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Thread: What is the benefit of ZPUSH versus CardDAV/CalDAV?

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    Question What is the benefit of ZPUSH versus CardDAV/CalDAV?


    I'm using the FOSS version of Zimbra 7.2.3 on Ubuntu.

    Normally, we don't use calendar and contacts synching, or even shared calendars.

    I have just recently had a request to start using shared calendars, free/busy time so that users can schedule meetings with other users.
    Additionally, I have a user who would like to synch their contacts with their iPhone.

    I have found ZPUSH plugin, which is found here: Z-Push Zimbra Backend | Free software downloads at
    I have also found that Zimbra FOSS version supports CalDAV and CardDAV (found here:

    What is the difference between what the FOSS version supports out of the box and an additional plugin such as ZPUSH or even Zextras (found here ZeXtras SUITE for your Zimbra Server).

    Thanks for any explanation of the differences.
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    Zpush is an active sync implementation, and allows you to fully synchronise all elements to your phone in one shot. With CardDAV you have to set up an account for every service.
    Other than this AS allows you to remotely control the phone, enforcing security restrictions and eventually wipe the phone if lost.
    I'm happy with Zpush
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