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Thread: zmtzupdate not working

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    Default zmtzupdate not working

    Hello All

    Here is more info.
    I need to change saved appointment time zone
    my rule name is "fix-harrera.xml"
    It look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <tzid id="(GMT+02.00) Harare / Pretoria"/>
    <nonDst offset="120"/>
    <tz id="(GMT+02.00) Jerusalem" stdoff="120" dayoff="180">
    <standard mon="9" week="2" wkday="1" hour="02" min="00" sec="0"/>
    <daylight mon="3" week="-1" wkday="6" hour="02" min="00" sec="0"/>

    I ran cli who look like this :

    "zmtzupdate --rulefile fix-harrera.xml -a --after 20130601020000"

    There is no error and no affect as wall which mean that there is no change in the appointment time zone.

    Thank you for any help.
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    Thank for your co operation
    Koby Peleg Hen
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    Quote Originally Posted by kobyPelegHen View Post
    Does any one know any issue regard of non working zmtzupdate in zcs ver 6.0.5
    Perhaps if you gave some information about what exactly is the problem someone might be able to offer advice. What exactly happens? What errors are you seeing in the log files?


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