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Thread: Zimbra as backend mode.

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    Exclamation Zimbra as backend mode.

    Hi all!
    I have in fully work condition zimbra server with multiple domain.
    Now I need doing this server in backend mode. In frontend I have another server with installed Nginx.
    Could you help me with configure Nginx in frontend server? How I can properly setup IMAP & POP proxying to backend server?
    I know about auth_http <server>:7072/service/extension/nginx-lookup; but my configuration with it not work.
    Thanx in advance!

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    You should read the Multi-Server Installation Guide it will tell you how to configure the correct servers.

    BTW, you really need to give full details of any problems that you encounter including (but not limited to) ZCS version & release plus any log files with relevant errors and a complete description of the problem that includes what you've tried to resolve it and what the results were. You should also search the forums for details on any problems you encounter and try the solutions you find.


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    Thanx for answer.
    It is my ngix config file on the frontend server.

        proxy_pass_error_message    on;
        auth_http backend_ip:7072/service/extension/nginx-lookup;
        #pop3_capabilities  "TOP"  "USER";
        #imap_capabilities  "IMAP4rev1"  "UIDPLUS";
        pop3_capabilities         "EXPIRE 31 USER" "TOP" "UIDL" "USER" "XOIP";
        imap_auth         plain;
        pop3_auth         plain;
        ssl_prefer_server_ciphers   on;
        ssl_certificate     /etc/nginx/ssl/;
        ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/ssl/;
        ssl_ciphers             !SSLv2:!MD5:HIGH;
    server {
                listen     110;
                protocol   pop3;
                proxy      on;
                starttls                only;
            server {
                listen     143;
                protocol   imap;
                proxy      on;
                starttls                only;
    When I try connect to fronted server "Error entering to server" in ThunderBird.
    In backend server I run the "tcpdump -n port 7072" - traffic goes. But in tail -f /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log nothing

    Please correct me.
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